Metallic Leather Floggers, w/Fingerloops (Available in 4 colors)

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-Beautiful metallic floggers adds flair to your scenes
-Available in 4 colors to choose from
-Metallic falls are mixed with black suede falls for good contrast
-Falls are 1/2” wide and about 18” long
-7 to 9 metallic falls; 16-18 black suede falls
-2 Finger loops for easy striking
-Handmade in the U.S.A.



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These beautiful metallic floggers are always a hit at our road shows. Our customers love them because of the extra flair it brings to the scene and they, plus they are just nice to look at!

They come in 4 color choices: Metallic Red/Black, Metallic Purple/Black, Blue Green & Yellow Mix, and Metallic Black.

The 1/2 “ falls produce a nice balance between sting and thud as do our other 1/2” leather floggers.

Tip: Strike more at the tips for a stinging sensation.

In each flogger you will get 7-9 metallic colored falls, mixed with 16-18 black suede falls for excellent color contrast.

The Swivel Flogger with finger loops design was created, to allow you to put less energy into swinging the flogger, but produce more force and accuracy on impact.  The Swivel flogger gives you the control you need without exhausting yourself in the process. This flogger is perfect for doing “figure 8s” with little effort. This design is great for long scenes.

Like all of our products, we guarantee this product for life. Just reach out if you have any issues.


Additional information

Weight 0.7 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 3 × 2 in

Black Metallic, Blue Green Yellow Metallic & Black, Purple Metallic & Black, Rainbow, Red Metallic & Black

Made From

Leather, Suede


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