The Mop-Soft Flogger

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A flogger for the one who is not into pain, or someone just starting out in flogging. The end of this flogger is soft cloth. The handle is made from a hard plastic and is ergonomically beaded for an easier grip. ????Wet the cloth for an enhanced sensation.????

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‘-This item is great for those who are just starting out with flogging or are not into pain.
-The flogger material is a soft cloth that is attached to an ergonomic beaded black handle.
-Dampening the cloth with water makes a heavier sensation that gives a soft and satisfying wet impact
-As in most soft floggers they are best used as a warm-up or cool-down or just for sexual play.

Erotic sensation play is a class of activities meant to impart physical sensations upon a partner, as opposed to mental forms of erotic play such as power exchange or sexual roleplaying.

The sensation can come from just about anywhere, provided that the implementation and its use fall within the negotiated terms of the interaction or relationship. Sensation play is limited only by one’s own imagination and a lot of variation can occur from one play scene to the next. For example, chains could be left in a freezer for some time and then laid across the body of a bottom or submissive. Or the chain could just be brought out of a bag and run across the body or perhaps just rattled loudly to invoke a response.
Note that safety and consent are of paramount importance in the practice of more intense forms of sensation play. People engaging in such activities should adhere to the principles of “safe, sane and consensual” or of “risk-aware consensual kink”.

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