Devil’s Tongue (Rubber)

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Our  Devil’s Tongue is a toy with a great amount of sting.  At 30 inches long, it has a beaded ergonomic handle.


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Our  Devil’s Tongue is a toy with a great amount of sting.  At 30 ” long, the rubber tongue has an ergonomic ball handle.  The “feel” is like the feel of a whip on the skin. It doesn’t have the sharp crack of the traditional single tail, but can be made to pop with a lower, deeper pop. It is the most intense toy that we have, other than the single tails; ie: snake, signals or bull whips.  It is most effective using the “towel pop” method. It is more comfortable for the bottom if there is a good warm up period, but some don’t require this attention to detail.

For the more extreme players, rubber is a most satisfying option. Our rubber toys range from very thin with major stinging sensation to very heavy with an extremely intense feel. Some are whip like, such as the “  Devil’s Tongue ” or viper and lashes to the rubber paddle. We recommend any or all of them for the player who is more intense. Our rubber is neoprene based.

As with all our toys, the Devil’s Tongue is designed for use between consenting adults and for the pleasure of all parties involved. We are extremely proud of the quality of materials as well as craftsmanship of all our products and all are covered by The Kink  Shop guarantee of replacement or repair of any product that should need attention.

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Dimensions 16 × 14 × 1 in


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