Our canes are rattan, oil-filled and dipped multiple times in marine varnish for maximum flexibility and durability. They can be cleaned with any anti-bacterial solution for play with multiple play partners.

3 piece Set of plain canes has 1 each diameter of ½, 3/8, and ¼ inch and includes a canvas bag. $35.00

The 3 piece cane set with bead handles is exactly the same as the plain cane set except that it has 4 hardwood beads spaced to make a comfortable handle. $55.00

The Travel set has same diameter canes as other two sets, but all are 24 inches long to fit in most luggage and with the addition of a slapper paddle. $55.00

The Deluxe set has the 3 piece bead handle set with the addition of a ¾ inch cane, a 1/8 inch cane and a bundle of 1/8 inch canes (bundle has approximately 8 canes) as well as a slapper paddle for a total of 7 pieces. The bundle price is a savings of $50.00 if purchased separately. $125.00!

Our bundles are made from canes that have been oil soaked and individually dipped several times in marine varnish as have all our canes, then the tips are dipped in rubber to prevent fraying. Leave the rubber o-ring toward the tip for a thud sensation or slide it down near the handle for more sting. Of course, as in all canes, the smaller diameter cane, the more it stings.$35.00

The 3/4 inch Rattan Cane is treated as all our canes are and the handle is dipped in rubber dip for grip ability. $25.00

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Showing all 8 results